Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons Price, Points, Value and Savings Breakdown

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As the Arks of Omen saga continues, the Thousand Sons are the latest 40K faction to join the fray, with their spooky magicks and dust-filled helmets in an all-new Boarding Patrol boxset. Read on to see how you can save with our Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons Price, Points, Value and Savings Breakdown.

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Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons – Release Date

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons was one of a trio of Boarding Patrols announced at last week’s Sunday preview. The release date for Boarding Patrol: Mille figli will be April 8th 2023.

boarding patrol thousand sons box

Pre-orders will go live at 10am su April 1st 2023.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons – Price

Pricing for the Boarding Patrol is as follows;

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons£ 70,00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$180.00*
*Based on Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights (same UK price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons – Price, Value & Savings Summary

Here’s what you’ll save thanks to Magnus’ warp shenanigans with this box set.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Valore totale£107.50$175.00$215.00€ 142,50$259.00
Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons Price£ 70,00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$180.00*
Risparmi totali£ 37.50$60.00$75.00€52.50$79.00
Percentuale salvata35%34%35%37%31%
*Based on Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights (same UK price)

These are consistent savings around the board – and you don’t need to refer to the forbidden spells within the Book of Magnus to see that – all except Australia, who seem to consistently get a bit shafted.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons – Contents

Here’s what we get in the box – and luckily for us, Ahriman’s Rubric did not turn this box’s contents into dust.

Now, this is an… interessante choice for a Boarding Patrol. It’s almost as if Workshop sui giochi asked 40K players how many Rubric Marines they wanted, and all they heard was Sì.

But it’s got to be an improvement over 20 million Tzaangors and no Rubric Marines, right?

boarding patrol thousand sons

To be completely fair, I do think this box makes a good companion to the Thousand Sons Combat Patrol – as the latter received criticism from the community prior due to lacking Rubric Marines. And now, you get a whole heap of them.

An interesting thing to note is the lack of HQ unit in this box – Boarding Actions doesn’t require one, but it would have been better than the Chaos Spawn provided (in my opinion). I mean, if there was an award for the ugliest miniatures in all of time and space, the Chaos Spawn would win a landfill site’s worth of them. I get that they’re meant to be hideously mutated because they are spawned of the warp, but by all that is holy and pure and divine they are in need of a dire update. The wonders that could be done with them with today’s level of sculpts are immeasurable.

Also, one of them is a walking sphincter.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons – Value

Below, we’ll outline the value of each kit in the box.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Rubric Marines (x2)£ 75,00$120.00$150.00€100.00$194.00
Caos Spawn£ 32.50$55.00$65.00€ 42.50$65.00
Valore totale£107.50$175.00$215.00€ 142,50$259.00

Like with all the Boarding Patrol boxes, you get a decent amount of savings – some better than others, but you get the average amount with the Thousand Sons Boarding Patrol, which will appeal to you if need more Rubric Marines to bolster your forces.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons – Points

So how does this box fare on the game side of things? We’ll show you below.

Rubric Marines
– Aspiring Sorcerer
– Soulreaper Cannon
– Warpflamer
– Ardent Automata
– Protégé
– Rites of Coalescence
Caos Spawn50pts
Total Raw Value470pts

At 470 total points, this box brings you very close to the 500 point threshold required for a Boarding Actions army list. By turning one of your Rubric Marines into an Aspiring Sorcerer, and then giving a couple marines Soulreaper Cannons or Warpflamers, you’ll meet the 500 point limit with ease.

Now, my first impression with this box is that it doesn’t provide you with a variety of units at all. In fact, it basically leaves you with one strategy really – spam, spam and spam again. The Rubric Marines, being Space Marines, will have good shooting, especially if you get a couple of Soulreaper cannon upgrades in there. The Chaos Spawn provide the melee, but really that’s it. I’m not a Thousand Sons player, but if I were to start, this would not be the Boarding Patrol for me.

Looking at other options, I would throw out the Chaos Spawn back into the warp and replace one unit of Rubric Marines with Scarabeo Occulto Terminator, and then add in a cheap HQ unit like the Maestro Infernale for good measure. To me, this is a more versatile option, affording you with different ways to play your army.

But let’s have a quick look at what we’ve been given. By turning a Rubric Marine into an Aspiring Sorcerer, you get powers to cast in the Psychic Phase – with this being the specialty of the Thousand Sons, this is something you’ll want to lean into. They automatically pass morale tests (because dust has nothing to fear except hoovers) and get an extra 1 to their armour saves when damaged. They also get access to Legion Commands, like Ardent Automata which allows the unit to shoot without fail if performing an action. Protégé grants the Aspiring Sorcerer an additional psychic power from a known discipline and Rites of Coalescence heals all wounds of one model in the unit. All these abilities and stats combined make the Rubric Marines a tanky force on the board not to be underestimated.

The Chaos Spawn get a bit weird. With Mutated Beyond Reason, they get different abilities based on what you roll on a D3. Razor Claws change the unit’s AP to -4, which can be devastating to units with low saves. Grasping Pseudopods allows them to change their number of attacks to whatever you roll on a 3D3, and Toxic Haemorrrhage allows for wound re-rolls. Chaos Spawn can also regain all lost wounds if not entirely destroyed during that turn. So, to be fair to them, they are decent on the tabletop. They just don’t look the part.

So, to conclude, can the Sons of Magnus tempt you with this box? Ultimately, that will depend on how many Rubric Marines you want. If starting out, this is a good place to get a lot in one go, but this feels more like a supplement to an existing force rather than a starter force. All in all, if you’re out there to commit foul magicks and hijinks in the name of Prospero, then don’t sleep in this Saturday to secure your Boarding Patrol before they’re all gone – like dust in the wind.

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