Best Black Friday 3D Printer Deals for 2023

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When it comes to Black Friday and this hobby, there’s very little to be excited about, Most brands are selling off little more than old stock, and even your local or Online FLGS are limited already by such tight margins that they are limited to what offers go up. I’ve done a post every year about Black Friday Hobby Deals and honestly, as I said there’s very little to be excided about, Unless you are interested in 3D printers. So here I’ll show you the best Black Friday 3dD Printer Deals of 2023. So if you’re after on, there’s no better time to buy.

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Which 3D Printer is best? (for me)

If you are still on the fence, trust me, if you want to take opportunity of these deals, get off quick. These deals are available whilst stocks last and for some large brands, they have limited how many printers they are putting in the sale. for others, they just have limited stock anyway.

So you need to make a quick decision about what printer you want. Thankfully This is easy and I’ll cover it briefly below too.

Here is an article about the Best 3d Printers this year, updated as of yesterday!

La mejor impresora 3D para miniaturas y modelos 2.0 - Destacados

Now this is quite a long read and basically lists printers in terms of what I feel is a better value option than the next. But the video below is more of a buyers guide explaining each category of printer broken down by price range, and explains which are the better choices. after all, any Black Friday deal is no deal if it’s not actually the product you want in the first place. So start by deciding what’s right for you or your budget, then you can maybe go up a tier based on what’s available or on sale this week.

Now, all of this above is based on Resin printers for miniatures specifically, but below I’ll cover some of the best FDM printers too.

Who has the Best 3D printer Deals?

I’m glad you want to know, below I’ll rank the deals in order of who has the best. and as mentioned above, I’ll include some FDM printers in there too for those of you interested in Terrain or props.

1. Uniformation GKTwo

Easily the best Printer on the market and you don’t need me to scream about it anymore, Literally every 3D printer user out there who has had this is in love with it, from Build quality to print details and features. This is the one printer you can use all year round no matter your environment

Puedes obtener $140 off the printer with code “GK140” (USD or local equivalent), and if you get the bundle with wash and cure machine, it’s $230 off the whole set with code “GK230”

Now, thanks to a great relationship I’ve built with Uniformation, I do have some inside info, I discussed with them some advertising opportunities recently, hence the new banner on the website. But I warned than that advertising is not their problem. Knowing what stock they’ll have available for the Holiday period, I warned them that they do not have enough stock to cover this period.

Having seen the 66 units that sold in the last 24 hours using my affiliate links alone. I’m now more concerned they won’t last the week. So I’d honestly recommend, if you are after one of these. Get one ASAP before they are gone for the rest of 2023!

2. Bambu Lab

If you’re after an FDM printer and you’re like me, you probably want a printer that just works. This allows you to spend more time creating the model you want, rather than mucking around dialling in a printer. Well anything from Bambu Lab is not only a great experience out of box, but they are the most user friendly units by a clear mile.

Starting at the Top, you can get the X1 Carbon Combo (that’s the set with colour changing AMS Unit) for £1,199 ($1299 USD) Saving £240 ($150 USD). This is the Ultimate FDM printer hands down. If you’re not interested in the AMS, you can get the X1 on it’s own por £979 ($1049 USD), saving £200 ($150 USD).

If that’s too rich for your blood, there is the slightly cheaper P1S printer, which is basically an X1, without a LiDar, a lower resolution camera and simpler onboard interface. print quality wise, it;s the same as the X1, This is one of Bambu’s most recent releases, but is now down to £789 when coupled with the AMS, which is an £80 saving. Without AMS, this is just £559. In both cases you are saving £80 ($100 USD)

Finally for the most barebones model is the P1P which simply, is the one without a housing, so this is not as useful out the box with materials like ABS. But you can print a case from it using files available from Bambu. This is down to £559 ($539), Saving £80 ($160)

3. Elegoo

Back to Resin printers specifically and this is where most people will spend the majority of their time. When you Step down from the top Pick of the GKTWO, Elegoo have literally cornered the market with price-point and feature availability. However, when it come sto black Friday, they are being a bit Cheekey with that;s on “Sale”

All of Elegoo’s deals are shown here on THIS PAGE. below this there is a “View More” button. Clicking that shows printers like the Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra heavily discounted. But the discounts on that page are the same BS discounts that the site has always listed for these printers. Check my video at the top of the page for evidence of this.

If you want discounts on the Saturn 3 or 3 Ultra, the only way is to get the bundles as shown below

Now, those are Elegoo’s flagship printers, and despite the savings they are still very expensive, so here is how I would break them down.

Flagship/Best Quality – shown above are the Saturn 3 y 3 Ultra

Best Beginner Printer, Most people would look at the Mars 3 o Mars 4 printers and believe that a smaller printer is the best starting point. It makes absolute sense and i thought so too. But trust me when i say, you’d be better off with a larger printer any day of the week. so here’s how I’d approach it.

If you are on a budget or just want to cut your teeth, Grab a Mars 3 Pro at $149 (USD), You can get the normal Mars 3 for $129, but again, please trust me it’s easily worth the Extra $20 for the pro.

If you have a bit more money to spend, you may look at the Mars 4 series. At $249 for the basic and $299 for the Ultra. But honestly the despite having really high resolution, prints from these are a little soft. So I implore you to look at the Mars 4 Max at $225, el Saturn 8k at $259 y el Saturn 2 at $320. The latter of which is an absolute steal right now! One of the best last-gen printers and it is not any noticeably worse than the Saturn 3. Again, buy based on your budget, but these 3 are easily the best beginner printers on the market for all-round price and feature set.

4. Creality

Back to FDM, if the Bambu series is too rich for your blood. then Creality’s K1 series is where you should be looking. These are without a doubt the 2 of the best starter printers to ever grace the market. Whilst still on the expensive side, they are pretty much Bambuu P1 clones to some degree and without the soiftware side to babck them up. But they are much newer than Bambu’s products and when you use Orca Slicer instead of Creality print software, they come damn close!

However, the real winner here is the K1 Max, because this is the only printer in this form-factor at this price point which is considered helmet-class. with a build area of 300z300x300mm. this can print most cosplay helmets in a single print bed. And it’s a bloody good printer too. We’ll get onto some cheaper ones, but these K1’s are both relatively new printers at bargain prices.

If you can afford a Bambu P1S, get a P1, if not, get a K1, if not get a Bambu P1P

If you want Helmet-Sized printer, get a K1 max.

5. Anycubic

Now, when we talk about Anycubic you may be expecting resin printers, But I won’t recommend any Anycubic resin printers here for the same reason I won’t recommend any of Elegoo’s FDM printers above . They just aren’t very good when you compare them to the competition.

When it comes to budget FDM, you will need to forego the Core XY printers mentioned above and instead look at bed slingers (where the build plate moves back and forth). Whilst these aren;t as stable during prints as Core-XY models. it is a more budget friendly way to get started

If you’re still not convinced to look at the Kobra 2 series over Elegoo’s Neptune 4 series, let me say this. The Anycubic printers are generally cheaper anyway, when you compare the spec, they do the same thing, pretty much the same same sizes, same speeds.

But functionally The Anycubics have fully automated, and actually working, bed levelling.

Beyond this, and one thing I’ve recently come to realise is of great importance. is the maintenance features. if you need to do any hot-end maintenance on more than just swapping the Nozzle. On the Elegoo, you need to remove the massive part colling fan. take off the hot end unit from the printer by finding several fiddly screws. disassemble the whole unit to get to the part that needs work, and once fixed connecting it all backup again. Enjoy…

If you are new to FDM printing, you may not know that this is a rather frequent activity to perform.

On the Anycubic printers, you undo 2 screws on the hot end, remove the chassis and everything is right there.

I’d recommend you get what you can based on Budget and size requirements. Entry level is the Kobra 2 at $209 or the faster Pro at $279. The ideal one however is the Kobra 2 Plus at $399 for Helmet class prints. and finally the Kobra 2 Max at $479 if you want a print area of almost half a meter cubed!

Best Black Friday 3D Printer Deals 2023 – Final thoughts

Now I could go into more detail on these printers here, but I already have, as I said at the top check out our best 3D printer article y video for resin printer advice. And I have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to these things now. Was never my intention, but I’m going where the views come in.

If you do want any more advice, including direct sales advice, please ask me directly by commenting on this video and I’ll reply ASAP.

Tenga en cuenta: This site uses affiliate links. Our Affiliate Partners are shown below
(Affiliate links will result in compensation to the site on qualifying purchases)

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