Boarding Patrol: Tyranids Price, Points, Value and Savings Breakdown

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I had planned to do this sort of article with the Combat Patrol Boxes GW was putting out. At the very least a single summary article comparing all of the sets. Alas, we are now in a new generation. Boarding patrol, fitting neatly alongside Boarding Actions. Below we break down the Price, Points, Value and Savings for Boarding Patrol: Tyranids

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Boarding Patrol: Tyranids – Release Date

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids will be released on March 4th 2023, Preorders are live at 10:00 on February 25th 2023

The release date is 2 days before Taller de juegos’s 2023 Price Increase (average 6% increase) which comes into place on Monday, March 6th 2023

I have a sneaking suspicion though that these sets will stay at £75. The currently released set, Boarding Patrol: Space Marines, is only £65. We’ll see of course, but if that’s the case, this set will suddenly increase in value, using GW’s home country as an example. The current value of this box (RRP) is £118.50, which could raise to £125.61 (and a bit of roundup).

Boarding patrol Tyranids - Price Value & Savings Breakdown - Box

That would make the savings in this box closer to 40% off the retail models, which, if you squint, looks like a really amazing deal!

However, this is relatively typical and happened last year too. The value of the new box releases starts high because the model prices just went up. Then they lower over the year to an average of 30% saving on models. then GW ups the prices again.

But that’s how time and inflation work. so look, the point is, these models are cheaper now in this box than you’ll likely ever see them again.

At least until 40K 10th edition comes with new Nids (rumour) and then we get a partworks magazine about 2 years from now.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids – Price

Prices have been released to UK retailers and are shown below

GBPDólar estadounidenseCANALLAEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Tyranids Price£ 75.00$120.00*$150.00*€100.00*$210.00*
*Based on the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank (Same UK Price)

We don’t know global pricing until the release date, but we have based the above on another set with the same UK Price.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids – Price, Value & Savings Summary

Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save (RRP when buying this box. Just a reminder that you can get 20% off with your nearby or online FLGS. Use our affiliate links and bonus codes to support us. And yes, that also discounts the value of the box by approx 20% too. so the discounts are relative.

The point is, why pay £75 for a box you can pick up for £56?

GBPDólar estadounidenseCANALLAEURAUD
Valor total£118.50$197.00$238.00€154.00$254.00
Boarding Patrol: Tyranids Price£ 75.00$125.00*$150.00*€100.00*$210.00*
Ahorros totales£43.50$72.00$88.00€9.00$21.00
Porcentaje ahorrado37%37%37%35%17%
*Based on the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank (Same UK Price)

Australia gets the short end as usual, but it was odd to find that the Tyranid warriors are cheaper in AUD than CAD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids – Contents

It’s a decent little starter collection of Nids in this box.

The image below courtesy of Taller de juegos

Personally, I still prefer my Genestealers in blue and pink, but I’m Old School Old.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids – Value

It’s worth noting that these prices are due to increase shortly after the box is released

GBPDólar estadounidenseCANALLAEURAUD
Señor de la progenie £ 26.00$42.00$53.0034,00 €$70.00
Tyranid Warriors*70,00 £$120.00$140.0090,00 €$130.00
Genestealers£ 22,50$35.00$45.0030,00 €$54.00
Valor total£118.50$197.00$238.00€154.00$254.00
*2 sets of 3 included in this collection

All models are available as individual sets, and 2 Warrior sets are included in this box. If you are repurposing this box for the mainline 40k game, you can make one of the Warriors into a Prime.

Whilst there are a ton of customisation options on these Genestealers, this set must be almost two decades old by now. I hope 10th ed comes with new Nids, because the mould for this set must surely have earned its rest.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids – Points

Right now I wanted to include points on these articles because I know it’s something that people are interested in. I’m not 100% on how the whole point thing works in 40k so I just googled the individual set costs and found them on the Munitorum Field Manual Mk1

Señor de la progenie 120pts
Tyranid Warriors
– w/ Barbed Strangler
– w/ Deathspitter
– w/ Venom Cannon
– w/ Bonesword
– w/ Dual Boneswords
– w/ Adrenal glands
– w/ Toxin sacs
– w/ Flesh hooks
– w/ Tyranid Prime
+15pts (per unit)
+10pts (per unit)
+10pts (per unit)
– w/ Toxin sacs
– w/ Extended carapace
+3pts (per model)
+1pt (per model)
Valor total428 pts
*2 sets of 3 included in this collection

Both the Warriors & Genestealers will increase based on loadout.

Warriors get a lot of wargear – a smorgasbord fit for a Norn-Queen. Warriors are a staple troop choice for Tyranid players, with plenty of choice to maximise their potential on any battlefield, be it on your epic tabletop battlefield or a smaller game within the confines of a Space Hulk. Personally, I’d go with the big guns and swallow the relatively inexpensive points cost – since Warriors are required to have melee weapons like Rending Claws or Scything Talons, they can both go hard in the shooting and combat phases. The Toxin Sacs are worth it just to make them scarier – on unmodified sixes, they wound automatically. But the more Warriors you have, the more points you rack up – having six Warriors is the right medium for anyone starting with Tyranids, and would only cost you a little over 200 points for 2 units with the carefully considered wargear options.

It should also be noted that one Warrior can be used as a Tyranid Prime – worth 85pts and gets a HQ slot/ character keyword. The Tyranid Prime is basically what a Primaris Lieutenant is to a regular joe-schmoe Assault Intercessor, except he gets some bells and whistles your regular Warrior doesn’t, like one useful command ability where any friendly Core unit within Synaptic range (12″ if I recall correctly) gets to re-roll wound rolls of 1. That’s a big boon to have on your side, and an even bigger oof for the opposing player.

Since both Warriors and the Prime have the Synapse keyword, this is also a valuable unit if you are planning on maximising a Psychic Tyranid army (best done with Hive Fleet Leviathan for all the fun Synaptic links pinging around the board). With the low points requirements for Boarding Actions, Warriors are a welcome addition to a Boarding Patrol – they can sit on objectives and tank a little while providing the firepower the Genestealers lack, as well as making your opponent think twice before he tries to pinch an objective from you with their high AP claws and swords.

Feel free to offer helpful corrections, I’ll ask Jordan/Rob to look over these too to get them correct. I’m more of a painter as many of you know.

We will improve these over time.

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