Boarding Patrol: Necrons Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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The unstoppable advance of the Necrons has reached the latest wave of Boarding Patrol releases. Grab your hyperphase weapons and your favourite gauss guns (or some green glowsticks if you can’t find anything else) and dive into our Boarding Patrol: Necrons Price, Value and Savings Breakdown for all the info on this force.

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Boarding Patrol: Necrons – Release Date

Boarding Patrol: Necrons was announced during last week’s Sunday preview. This means the release date for Boarding Patrol: Necrons will be April 1st 2023.

boarding patrol necrons box

Pre-orders will go live at 10am sur March 25th 2022.

Boarding Patrol: Necrons – Price

Here’s the price of this set:

Boarding Patrol: Necrons80,00 £$130.00*$160.00*€105.00*$220.00*
*Based on Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines (same UK price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Necrons – Price Value & Savings Summary

Here is a quick summary of savings provided by the box.

Valeur totale137,50 £$230.00$275.00€180.00$318.00
Boarding Patrol: Necrons Price80,00 £$130.00*$160.00*€105.00*$220.00*
Économies totales57,50 £$100.00$115.0075,00 €$98.00
Pourcentage économisé42%43%42%42%31%
*Based on Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines (same UK price)

These are some excellent savings – amongst the top tier of Boarding Patrols – except for Australia, which falls over 10% behind the others. Not sure why that is, but it does put a bit of tar on this box’s savings – but otherwise, this is great value if you’re in need of buffing a Necron horde.

Boarding Patrol: Necrons – Contents

Wake up, fellow Szarekhans – we have a Space Hulk to board.

After you’ve rubbed your eyes awake from a 65 million year slumber, you’ll notice that this box has a nice helping of 27 total miniatures. Observe.

Necrons are a horde army, and so to have the bulk of this force occupied by infantry who can resurrect on a lucky dice roll tracks. The Ophydian Destroyers are also a great addition – they hurt in melee and can pop up behind the enemy like the sneaky snakey skeletons they are.

Notice also the lack of a HQ unit, which has been unusual thus far with the Boarding Patrols. HQs are not essential for a Boarding List however, but it’s bizarre not to see someone leading them.

There is, however, an issue with this box. Look at the box art and see if you can spot it.

If you aren’t savvy with Necrons or Boarding Actions rules, this probably went over your head. I’ll just tell you now – at the forefront of the whole squad, you have 5 Triarch Praetorians. They are not usable in Boarding Actions – even Games Workshop : acknowledged this themselves when they unveiled this Boarding Patrol.

So why are they even being advertised on the box?

Beats me. The Praetorian kit, fortunately, can be built into Lychguard – so you’ll have 10 in this set, who are a much better choice for a Boarding Patrol. So really, the Praetorians on the box should have been replaced with Lychguard – if they wanted to have variation, get the ones with the shields up and front.

The other thing as well is the inclusion of Scarab Swarms – apparently, they aren’t usable in Boarding Actions if you have Ophydian Destroyers in the same list, so GW say. At least they aren’t on the box art though.

Boarding Patrol: Necrons – Value

Below we’ll showcase the value you get from the individual kits that comprise this Boarding Patrol.

Guerriers nécrons£ 30,00$50.00$60.0040,00 €$77.00
Lychguard/ Triarch Praetorians (x2)£ 70.00$120.00$140.0090,00 €$144.00
Destructeurs Ophydiens£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$97.00
Valeur totale137,50 £$230.00$275.00€180.00$318.00

The savings all around speak for themselves – I’m sure Trazyn the Infinite himself couldn’t resist getting a few copies for his collection.

Boarding Patrol: Necrons – Points

Below, we’ll examine the box’s worth on the battlefield, and how much they’ll cost you in points.

Guerriers nécrons
– 3x Scarab Swarms
Destructeurs Ophydiens
– Canoptek Plasmacyte
Raw Total Value450pts

The contents of this box (the legal ones anyway) sit nicely at 450 points, but that does mean you’ll need extra to get to that 500 point threshold. None of this units offer any upgrades that cost points, so you can’t pad them out unfortunately. It’s a shame you can’t have Scarab Swarms on the same list as Ophydian Destroyers – that would have made the box go up to 495 points and they’re quite useful in distracting your opponent.

But how can the selected units perform potentially as a Boarding Patrol? Let’s do a quick analysis of what we’ve got. All the units in the box benefit from Reanimation Protocols, which allow any killed models to potentially come back to the battlefield should you get 5+ and there are other models left in the unit. Necron Warriors get to re-roll 1s on Reanimation rolls, which makes them a great spam unit – they can keep coming back and back, and your opponent won’t be able to do anything about it.

The Lychguard and Ophydian Destroyers both have Living Metal, meaning they get to regain 1 lost wound at the start of your Command Phase. The Lychguard’s Guardian Protocols aura doesn’t get to be of any use here, as there are no HQ units to direct fire from, but they have 4+ invulnerable saves with the shields and can score some serious damage if given the Warscythe instead.

Now, the Ophydian Destroyers are where this Boarding Force gets interesting. You can have them ‘underground’ during deployment – meaning you don’t set up on the board at all until following movement phases and then have them pop out anywhere on the board – as long as it’s more than 9″ inches away from enemy models. This allows you to observe how the first round goes – and then you can deploy the Destroyers in strategic places, near unclaimed objectives or behind the enemy path if you want to drop in behind them and say ‘Hello there.’

So, as a Boarding Force, this works. You have the firepower and infantry spam with the Warriors, who have the potential to keep coming back when dead, the toughness of the Lychguard, who can sit on objectives, and the unpredictability of the Ophydian Destroyers, who can surprise your opponent anywhere on the board and provide some hard-hitting bonuses in close combat that make them a force to be reckoned with. This list has everything you want in this game mode.

Ultimately, if you are an apostle of the Silent King, or just starting out with everyone’s favourite robot Egyptian skeletons, this is a great box to add to your collection. Trazyn would do it. Be like Trazyn.

If that wins you over, don’t sleep in this Saturday and pre-order your Boarding Patrol: Necrons 10am on the dot.

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