Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issues 12-22 Contents Confirmed

With issues 1-11 – comprising D&D Adventurer’s first adventure – now out and running loose in the wide world, we’ve been given the go-ahead to share an exclusive first-look at the next adventure with you all!

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 12 Contents

In addition to the set of dice pictured below, Issue 12 contains a guide on how to create an immersive environment for your players, a guide to the dice in a polyhedral set, grappling and shoving, a heap of new information on character creation, and some new lore in monsters.

There’s also a bonus magic booklet included in this issue, which you can use to start slinging spells with your latest character.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 13 Contents

Issue 13 comes with a rather nice set of sparkly blue dice. In addition to this, inside the magazine you’ll find information on both the passing of time in the game world, as well as the role of curses (there’s some sort of metaphor here, I’m sure).

Issue 13 Contents

There’s also new hints and tips on roleplaying and more character customisation options, as well as a deep-dive into the Barbarian class. Things then get mystical in the latter part of the magazine, with lore on the Forgotten Realms’ gods, and the Weave – the source of all magic.

If that wasn’t enough, Issue 13 also comes with some new character sheets, so you can get stuck in with the Barbarian class!

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 14 Contents

In a break from the deluge of dice you’ll have been receiving over the previous 13 issues, Issue 14 nets you some standees you can use inn your game: a gnome bard, a ghoul, a dragonborn character, and a displacer beast.

Issue 14 Contents

Issue 14’s magazine contains lore relating to the planes of existence in the official D&D world, as well as some spooky monsters for the DM to send at their players. There’s more information on expanding your characters, looking in particular at downtime activities and how to create a proper backstory, and then more information on curses, encounters, and using objects in an environment.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 15 Contents

The dice return in Issue 15, with a colour palette that for some reason matches the colour of the clothes my mother wears. What a weird window onto my life.

Issue 15 Contents

Beyond the dice, Issue 15 is a good ‘un for DMs. There’s further info on building encounters, factoring in multiple monsters, as well as an introduction to using traps and making maps (the rhyme there has to be intentional). There is also a section on “dice decisions” that you may wanna keep hidden from your players…

That’s not all. Again, there’s heaps of new character creation information, and a look at the mysterious Feywild.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 16 Contents

Issue 16 sees the dice take another hiatus, and nets buyers some inspiration tokens (allowing players to re-roll a D20 roll of their choice).

Issue 16 Contents

It’s also another good magazine for DMs, with lots of advice on working with your group of players – especially if someone is new or has to miss a session – managing monsters (possibly also related to your players?), as well as loads of social activities for your players to engage with in-game. There’s more information on the factions of the Forgotten Realms, as well as the introduction of the Genasi race.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 17 Contents

Alongside some additional character sheets, Issue 17 sees the dice return triumphant with the best set yet:

Issue 17 Contents 2

They’ve all got little weapons in ’em! How cool is that?

Issue 17 Contents

And that’s not all. There’s information on buying and selling magic items included in the magazine, as well as a deep-dive into the druid class. If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also information on displacer beasts, so if you’re feeling really mean you can chuck one of them at your players.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 18 Contents

Issue 18 drops another set of dice ‘n’ tin into your lap.

Issue 18 Contents

Things get dark inside the magazine, with guides on roleplaying as a villain, running mysteries, and statistics and information on devils. Remember DMs, channel your inner Raphael.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 19 Contents

Issue 19 gets you a rather fetching set of silver and blue dice, as well as an absolute mountain of advice on how to manage your adventuring party as DM.

Issue 19 Contents

There’s more info on managing monsters, more information on traps, guidance on bringing cities to life, as well as further information on party roles. There’s not a huge amount for players in this issue, but this is good stuff for DMs.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 20 Contents

Issue 20 sees the arrival of giant oversized dice number two: the D10. This’ll go well with the enormous D20 you got a while back in Issue 4.

Issue 20 Contents 1

There’s even more stuff for DMs in this one, with a couple of thoroughly cheery sections on character death, running horror encounters and, er, falling and suffocating.

Character creation reappears with some more information on backgrounds, including the Criminal/Spy background (perfect for your edgy rogues).

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 21 Contents

Issue 21 comes with another set of dice, inspired by the colouring of the platinum dragon Bahamut, and Suite character sheets – this time for the awesome paladin class.

Issue 21 Contents

There’s more info on making maps as well as tips on how to read the room during a game – an important ability to have to ensure you aren’t boring or making your players uncomfortable. Predictably, there’s a pile of info on paladins, and then some lore on cults in the Forgotten Realms.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 22 Contents

Last but not least, we arrive at Issue 22, which come with a set of translucent blue dice. Nice.

Issue 22 Contents

There’s a good spread of all sorts of goodies in the magazine: telepathy, more monsters, more magic, a look at the cleric class and its domains, as well as more info on factions!

Bitten by the D&D bug? Don’t forget that Forbidden Planet also have loads of other D&D-related publications up for grabs, including the brand new Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk.

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