WIP – Space Wolves eBay Squad with Magnetised Arms

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Just wanted to throw out a quick update on something I’ve been working on. This is my Space Wolves eBay Squad.

I say eBay Squad as I have no idea if these are Grey Hunters, Blood Claws or just from the Space Wolves Pack, they were just listed as Space Wolves Squad on eBay and there is a hefty amount of Chainswords in the group.

Here they all are as I received them. Well, half of them, I didn’t take pics of the ones above before they were stripped. But they were the same paint scheme as those below. The ones below all got destroyed in the paint stripping phase.

I stripped the mini’s back to base plastic using Dettol, Pulled all the arms and backpacks off to make re-painting easier, re-primed them with Vallejo Air primer through my Airbrush (these were my test models for airbrushing)

Careful when stripping paint, it can severely damage your minis.

This is what you should get,

I also fitted them with magnetised Arms, just for a practise with that method. however, where magnetised arms fails is when you get the squad pre-assembled and don’t actually have the usual variety of weapons to swap them about. It’s kind of a pointless venture now as I just have a load of Space Wolves with removable arms for no reason whatsoever.

Also the posing of these guys is not what I would have picked, as the marines seem to be looking in all different directions to the weapons they are holding. I’m kind of only wanting to finish these as I’ve put a lot of love into them already, but in all honesty, I’m falling out of love due to the minor issues I’m finding with them. Another issue is that the previous owner had put several of the shoulder pads on the wrong arms.

I still have a full box of tactical marines with the Space Wolves Upgrade Sprue to do and 2-3 other “Space Wolves” squads from eBay that I had stripped and intended to paint up and make my complete force. but I’m treating these as practise marines and I may end up re-selling all my Space Wolf Mini’s now I’ve stripped them and just but “new” sets I can pose how I want them posed.

Below is the first model I painted after a 16 years hiatus, this was using the old Citadel Colours and the closest approximation I could make to the advertised process of Base>Shade>Layer>Edge using those old paints. The main body is Space Wolves Grey and Black Ink.

For the paint scheme, I wanted a more grimdark tone than the baby-blue that the modern Space Wolves have become. I liked the traditional Ice-Blue of Space Wolves, pre-paint colour refresh but that still wouldn’t have fit the tone I was going for. to get these colours, I loosely followed “this guide“, but realised some time after that these are essentially just the pre-heresy colours.

I don’t know enough of the lore regarding the Space Wolves chapter but I can’t imagine a valid reason in the last 10 millennia that someone decided their army could do with a brand refresh.

Below is my testing for this colour scheme

First go, I”m generally happy.
Second attempt, less (colour) is clearly more, removed the Fang as an edge highlight as it simply didn’t work, eyes are now blue and the weapons are left black
Applied the basecoat by zenithal shading with an airbrush.
Added Agrax Earthshade to the recesses and edge highlighted the grey
Decided to go for bronze as the ornamentation as it looks great on the grey and I  like the idea of the Wolves (being space vikings) having Bronze as a primary metal in-line with their homeworld traditions.

Update 14/11/16: OK, I did it, I pulled the trigger, they are on ebay

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