WIP – Dark Angels Tactical Squad

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This was the first squad I started after getting back into this hobby a year or so ago, inspired by all of the blogs and tutorials out here, I painted up a couple of test minis, one to get the colour scheme down and another to have a go at writing a tutorial (and for myself to refer back to later).

These were built from a decade old tactical squad and the new Dark Angles Upgrade Pack

I like darker colours and even when I used to paint Dark angels over 16 years ago, I always had a 3:1 mix of Dark Angels green to Chaos Black. Thanks to ForgeWorld’s Airbrush Range, Nocturne Green was everything I wanted in one bottle.

From here, I had to practise a bit to get the right colours for 2 levels of edge highlight. I settled on Castellan Green and Loren Forest.

The ornamentation is in Brass and the feathers are dark brown.

I still need to make some decisions and at some point I’m removing the bases to add 32mm versions. but because i scored the feet and glued them on with plastic cement, this exercise could be risky.

I’m almost complete but thy have sat in a conservatory for nearly a year and are covered in dust, I tried to clean this off using water and a drybrush. It cleared some off, but other larger pieces of dust have been matted into the paintwork. not sure how to get this out now and I need to before I can finish the painting! Any suggestions would be great as I’m stuck until I do this.

Really want this squad done and put in my display cabinet. it’s taking too long but Rank & File Minis can be quite dull to paint. Also, randomly trying out new techniques is taking up more of my time.

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