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When I started this blog, I initially intended to just talk about random stuff I like. Back in the earliest days, posts ranged from the excitement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake to posts about meditating.

Eventually, it grew into something more direct when I got back into my miniature painting hobby. Then I found a few gaps I figured I could try to help fill with the knowledge I had.

It’s been an odd journey as I never expected in my wildest dreams I would become a blogger. I thought, ‘who would want to read anything I have to say’. But I was surprised to find that I slowly started getting a small following for sharing the tools and tips I have benefited from in my journey to be a better painter. The first time I got over 100 views on a post stunned me. When the blog hit over 22,000 views on a post I was shocked!

And then

The bit that really surprised me was when I got a random message on Google Hangouts from a guy called Oliver asking me if I was the guy behind the FauxHammer blog! Oddly this was shortly after I just moved into my new house and pulled out my hobby kit for the first time in 10 months. If it wasn’t for this renewed interest, I may have rudely ignored his message.

I have no idea how this guy got in touch with me! #Stalker. But I assume I left my email laying round on a blog post somewhere. I was so impressed that someone went so far out of his way to get in touch.

We started talking and he was asking me about my Space Wolf colour scheme as he wanted to use it. To be honest, it’s not my scheme, I was inspired by another blog myself and just changed it up to my own taste by adding bronze and ice colours. We talked about his approach to colours on shoulder pads, bases and how certain techniques were done.

I haven’t had time to go back to my wolves yet. But Oliver has cracked on with his and completed a great squad.

Fantastic Work

With Oliver’s permission, I’m delighted to share the below.

Oliver, you should be posting these on Painting Groups and Forums such as Dakka Dakka and really get the feedback you deserve!

I absolutely love these and the contrast of the base against the rest of the scheme helps them stand out. My favourite part, however, is the frost effect on the Plasma Caster.

And more

In addition to the squad, Oliver has also customised some great command units too.

My favourite part of this exchange has been realising the benefit to the expansion of ideas within this community.

I took a scheme I liked and made it my own, then Oliver took my scheme he liked and made it his own, and I’m sure his work above will inspire others too.

We even continued talking and he has some fantastic ideas for me improving my blog and some of the features and tools I could add. So I look forward to talking with him more. We’ve also worked through some photography tutorials too since he took the pictures above. (the above images were colour edited after he sent them to me).

See his original images below, both below images taken on his iPhone


As you can see the above image was edited in Color Pop a free iPhone app. This was to get the white balance right. There are still some minor details to iron out, like the focus. But you can clearly see the lighting and colour balance is now spot on.

For detail on these tutorials and to take better photos even with your mobile. Please see here for digital cameras, here for smartphone cameras & here for an overview of set-up and composition. Oliver thought he needed more kit to take better pictures. But, with a sheet of paper, a couple of lamps, and his iPhone, he already had everything he needed.

Final Thoughts

The best part of this hobby is the community supporting each other.  Whether it’s a paint scheme, a technique, some tools to use or even a blog. We work together to promote each-other and constantly raise the bar for the next person.

Thanks for letting me share these Oliver, keep up the great work as you clearly have an awesome future ahead as a miniature painter.

To close, I’ll finish with a saying I’ve always loved and feels relevant here.

“Good artists imitate, great artists steal.”Pablo Picas… FauxHammer


  • Self-appointed Editor in chief of - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction.

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Self-appointed Editor in chief of - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction.

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