Argh Glaze Shading! (Space Wolves WIP)

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First off, I haven’t broken my new year’s resolution of one post a week! I normally post on Tuesdays and it’s now Sunday. But it’s still the same week so it counts.

I’ve been so busy this year with resolutions I don’t have enough time to do much painting, but I managed to get my brushes out for a couple of days this week.

It’s worrying as I literally have;

  • Dark Vengeance
  • Age of Sigmar
  • Space Hulk
  • Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
  • Space Wolves Battle Force
  • Start Collecting Space Wolves
  • Stormcast Eternals Battleforce
  • Lost Patrol

All to paint after Xmas! I have managed to get about 20 more paints into Dropper Bottles though!

So, this week, I’m really struggling to get glazing a blend working (still) on these models (true, it’s only my 3rd go at it) what am I doing wrong? More after the Jump.

So, this first guy was one of the ones I painted ages ago (for those of you that read that post way back when I decided not to sell these on eBay in the end because they were selling for about £7. and I have put too much love into them to let them go for that. plus, they make good practise models (as shown above).

Shown below (as I was saying), is one of the first models I painted after getting back into the hobby and I was really happy with the colour scheme. What I treat as Grimdark is essentially the pre-heresy colour scheme (basically, I did it before it was cool). I nicked this colour scheme from here and added a few tweaks like the bronze and the ice blue eyes.

This next guy was my first attempt at glazing the shade instead of the edge highlighting used above, like my earlier attempts at gazing, it dried patchy, as though the pigment has broken away from the binding agent and dried in little pools. You’ll need to click the image and zoom to see, the shoulders show it best.

So finally to this guy, This is my best attempt but it is still blotchy. unlike the above, it’s not as patchy. Instead of using water or Liquitex Flow-Aid

 to thin my paint, I used Vallejo Matt Medium (love this stuff) for the standard colours and Vallejo Glaze Medium

for the Metallics (as it has more of a glossy finish and I like the Matt Finish).

From a distance, the glaze looks smooth enough but close up you can see how patchy it is (head and shoulders). if the paint was any thinner I wouldn’t have been able to see it when I applied it in the first place. maybe I’m not meant to? Perhaps the area I’m painting should just look wet on the first pass and I build it up slower.

Also, whilst I’m at it, how do you successfully paint ice? I was doing the runes in an ice blue but it’s not quite what I was after. any advice?

Ah yeah, his eyes are wonky!

I really don’t want to give up and just airbrush it.

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