Announcing: The IronSkull – UK Painting Competition

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The IronSkull (no space) UK painting competition is a bit of news I’ve been looking forward to for a while. When I went on the Siege Studios Essentials Master Painting Course. This upcoming competition was alluded to, but we were all asked to keep shtum about in until the formal announcement.

That Announcement is now.

The IronSkull is a painting competition created and run by the guys over at Siege Studios. If you’ve been following the blog, you will already know my feelings about the events these guys run. If not, check this review post out.

You can also find Siege Studios on Patreon. If you fancy levelling up your miniature painting. Siege certainly helped me out!

IronSkull Logo

The first IronSkull competition will be held in London in 2020 date revealed very soon with all other details.

Make sure to follow their website (In development), Instagram, Facebook & Twitter socials for dates, location, website updates, online registration details and much much more.

IronSkull will for all levels of miniature painters, from aspiring first time entrant to international competition winners. Which excites me as an intermediate…

A year of development has gone into the trophy, format. And I must admit, I think it looks incredible, even before they have been painted, Gold Silver, Bronze or the super-secret special colour for the Best in Show winner!

Iron Skull Trophy - Profile
Resin Cast

This style has been designed in conjunction with Taro Modelmaker & Duncan ‘shadow’ Louca. You can see their work using those links to their Facebook pages or these Instagram links Taro Modelmaker & Duncan ‘shadow’ Louca.

See the design video!

As shown in the video, they also have some amazing designs for commendation badges too. See the detail shots of the final products below.

Siege Studios have said they cannot wait to see you there along with your entries! They still have so much to reveal and show you all including its own website, with an online registration system and much much more!!!

I’ll have more details to share with you when they are available.

For now, Get excited, IronSkull is coming!

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What do you think of the upcoming Painting Comp? Will you be entering? Let us know in the comments.

The Iron Skull - UK Painting Competition
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The Iron Skull - UK Painting Competition
The Iron Skull is a painting competition created and run by the guys over at Siege Studios, held in London in 2020 for all levels of miniature painters.
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