Throwback Post – Night Lords Chaos Terminator – Then Vs Now

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2831First off, I’m not really sure if I painted the original in 1996, but it was around that time and 1996 to 2016 is a  nice (2 decade) round number.

Here is my then vs now….

I’ve seen a few images lately of people sharing their first ever painted minis, I never took photos of my first Mini, and If I had, it would have been on film, not digital. I thought I had taken pictures of the one above (right) before I started this process, but unfortunately, I didn’t do that either, so I’m comparing to one of the others from that squad.

I bought a new display cabinet recently and stuck a load of my old minis in it. Some of them were incomplete so last week I decided to the unpainted arms of one and paint them up to match the model. But unfortunately, the old Deadly Nightshade colour they were does not match the closet equivalent I could find. So, I repainted the whole body of the original model wth Incubi Darkness over the top of all of the original (thick) coats.

Once this was done, I thought “ah fuck it” and re-did the rest of the model. and this has been pretty much my entire last week.

Here’s my Old Vs New;

Drill your barrels!” – Everyone on Reddit

Yes I have a drill, No I clearly didn’t drill my barrels. 2 reasons.

One is the same reason my mould lines aren’t well trimmed. This guy is Metal! And I don’t just mean, heavy gold trimmed armour with piercings and skulls “metal”. I mean, he’s made of metal and there was only so much my old X-Acto knife could take. I was about 13 when I painted these originally, I couldn’t afford things like new X-Acto blades. I think 3 blades got me through about 5 years of this hobby!

The other reason is that I couldn’t be bothered to go back over this guy now and make any model changes, I was originally just doing a quick re-skin.

Just to give you an idea of how bad trimming actually was back when we had Metal Miniatures aplenty.

Check out that flash!
you wanna trim that? Be my guest.

One of the other things I’ve done is upgraded this guy to the new standard 40mm base for Terminators (and actually finished the base).

I would like to say this new guy is finished, he isn’t. But he’s as finished as he’s gonna get. There’s loads more (highlighting) I could have done. but I rushed to the finish line to get him ready for the blog.

I was also chuffed that I had the old transfers still laying around, this one is actually from the Chaos Bike kit.

I guess one of my favourite differences is that I can now paint correctly. (Shades/Washes do so much for you) As you can see from the above my 13-year-old self had one shading technique. Dry-Brushing (or Over-Brushing). I dry brushed everything, the gold. the skulls the bones. This was due to both my limited understanding of different (any other) techniques, and I never really owned any washes. Only the odd area was edge highlighted, and certainly not with straight lines. I suppose the only benefit to the original was that I bothered to do a lightning pattern on the power fist.

It’s actually a little difficult for me to even look at the old one, I’m certainly no expert now. But the difference does make me wonder where I could have been if I had actually kept painting for the last 16 years instead of taking such a huge break.

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