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Have you heard the old Customer Service adage “If a customer has a bad experience they will tell 10 people, but if they have a good experience they will tell 2 people“.

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Well in 2016 if a customer has an amazing experience they will blog about it!. I work in Service and have for over 15 years, so I know that you’re fighting an uphill battle, not only from the statement above, you clearly need 5 times as many happy customers as unhappy ones just to break even. but there is also the fact that you’re dealing with “problems”, your customer is already unhappy that something isn’t how they expect it should be, before they even tell you!

Well, today I received proof that Games Workshop has the best customer service I have ever encountered! Considering that several years ago I gave up on Games Workshop, entirely due to disgraceful customer service.

At that time I purchased about £700 worth of stuff to get me back into the hobby, the Ultimate Paint Set, 40k a bike squadron, land raider, land speeder and some fine-cast models. (Khârn the Betrayer, Fabius Bile and the Great Unclean One) decent haul. But my finecast models were awful. these were the first I bought and the air bubbles were atrocious, Khârn had thousands of bubbles down one side. Fabius Bile had the bottom corner of his coat missing (right where the leather face was) and the great unclean one had half his face missing (in literally any other place on that model I could have just incorporated it into the design of Nurgle, but I can’t re-sculpt a face!).

This was back before we could simply take photos and send them via the internets. But now, Instant evidence  

I contacted GW within days, and they went from explaining it’s part of Finecast and I had to buy Greenstuff to refusing I could send them back because they are not “faulty” to finally ignoring my emails entirely. Now I’m wiser and aware of UK distance selling regulations companies must abide by, I would not have had this and would have just demanded my money back. But I was so outraged at the time, I sold all the stuff on eBay at a considerable loss and binned the fine-cast shite. (which I’m glad to see has improved now).

I literally haven’t touched GW products again until last year.   And today! today I am in Awe of how far this company has come in improving customer service!   Preface, last year about 6 months after I got back into the hobby, I bought the ultimate paint set again along with 40k (still haven’t finished painting it and I want Age of Sigmar now). I have only just come to use my first “Dry” paint from the set, Golden Griffon to highlight Brass ornamentation I am doing on some Dark Angels and it was Dry, I mean literally “dry”.

I dipped my brush in and it bounced back out, I pushed the back end in and the paint split in two, I started to mix and it just broke up into little chunks and spilled out over the pot. I inspected the rest of the “Dry” paints and they were “all” exactly the same! I bought this about a year ago, paid cash, had no receipt. I expected a lost-cause, but knowing all the other improvements GW has made. I figured I’d have a go at emailing them about it.  

See below;

Hi,I bought the ultimate paint bundle (all the paints) about a year ago and I’ve just come to use the first of the “dry” paints (Golden Griffon) and it is solid, I have just checked the rest of the dry paints and they are also, solid in the pots whilst the pots remain unopened?Is there anything i can do about this as it can clearly be seen that the paint pots have never been opened before?

Best Regards

Ross Graham

Simple, to the point and I wasn’t wasting time on pleasantries, expecting little to no response.

Many thanks for contacting Games Workshop Customer Service, we aim reply to your email within 24 hours, however, during busy times it may take a little longer.  If your enquiry is urgent please call us on 0115 91 40000 during the hours below:-Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 6.00pm (GMT)


Games Workshop

Fair Enough;

Hi Ross,

Thank you for your email.

The dry paints are meant to be quite dry and lumpy. Please check out the video on the site to see exactly how they’re meant to be:

If this is not the case, please could you show us some pictures of the paints and we can look into this further for you.

Kind regards

About what I expected of any response but I was at least requested to send some photos. (also names removed to not protect individuals).

Thanks, I’ll take some tonight when I am home.Best Regards
Sent from my iPhone

And i did

Hi O

I checked the video and it’s not the same I’m afraid.I’ve just gone through all my paints and found that the dry ones are solid. When I opened the Gehenna Gold it was a solid lump I tried mixing with the back of my brush and it just broke into pieces like jelly. I added almost half a pot of Lehman medium to the pot and shook it a lot but this is the best I could get out of it. Just lumps.

Here is the whole set

I checked all the other dry pots and they are all solid, but I’ve left them unopened so I can prove they’ve never been used.But this image shows that they are so dry they have air bubbles in the “bottom” even after shaking. There is no movement to them at all.

Here are all the ones affected

I’ve even included a video showing me shaking the paint and still no movement. I have used A different pot of Praxeti White before and it would still shake and move in the pot. But none of these do.Can you confirm receipt if this email, just so I know you are looking into it as I worry it will be blocked due to the file size?Best Regards and thanks in advance.

Pretty detailed Analysis I thought, but after this, O doesn’t respond anymore and we get a reply from L (who is Awesome, and just has a fun mint attitude from the get go). No offence to O but this lass turned Customer Service up to 11!

Hi Ross

Thanks for the email.

From the photo that you have sent me, and the video (very impressed with the steady camerawork by the way based on how vigorously you were shaking the pot) I must admit

I cannot see an issue with your paints.

The Dry compounds are very different to any of our other paints, and are made with a gel medium, so they are more like very set jelly (so set infact you can open them above your head and nothing will come out (although possibly not reccomended just in case)) 

What you should be able to do is stick your drybrush in the pot, and make a little hole with your bristles in the paint. You can take the brush out and should be left with the pigment on your bristles, or you can take out a small ammount on the end of your brush, before using some tissue paper to work the paint into the bristles, and drybrush as per usual.

I would reccomend having a go with the paints as they do take a little while to get used to as they are very different to anything we produced before. If you are still having issues, just let us know and we will get an exchange sorted out for you.

Kind regards

Amusing and descriptive, she is right “I could have been wrong” (Spoiler Alert: I’m not wrong) but she told me exactly how things should be.

Hi L.

Thanks for the prompt reply. 

Being steady handed is quite a benefit when painting.

Now I know that you got the video. I will open another pot which is currently sealed, and video it to show you that A, it has never been opened before And B, it is unusable. If I am wrong, on my head be it and I will apologise for wasting your time.

Could you not see from the images for the Gold however that it has become globs of jelly? Surely it should still be one consistent amount that you load in your brush and not break apart into unworkable pieces?

I have used dry compounds before when I’ve bought individual pots but gave these away to my nephew to get into the hobby when I bought the ultimate set. And they do not break apart like this gold one did.Sent from my iPhone

I’m still convinced my paints are screwed (2nd Spoiler Alert: they are)Hi RossThanks for the email.I could see the globby formulation in the photo yes, but this is the same consistency that we have on all our pots here which are as intended. The consistent ammount is this jelly substance that will over time become more bitty, and very unlike conventional paints they do not load up into your brush like normal.I have attatched some photos (apologies for the funky positioning) of our pots which are considered the normal consistency.

Kind regardsL

Awesome, so now she is sending pics to really help me out, but I could see from the glossynes of the blue in this image that it wasn’t the same as what I had. But at least I’m getting responses, they are very informative and are actually fun.

Hi L,

Thanks for the photos, I still don’t think this is right as this paint is breaking off into “chunks” whhich are not workable, they are hardly fluid at all. As advised I have used these dry paints several times and they don’t act this way.

I have attached a video and you should see that yours are more like a think gel, with the consistency is something like hair wax. But these are pretty solid.

Please see attached for a video which shows a brand new pot being opened and the consistency is more like set jelly. Some of ot is fluid but the majority breaks off. Here’s a test. When you put a brush in it (the back end) dies the brush pass through as it is still fluid or does it split apart like jelly would?

On another note, I just watched this video and it’s embarrassing how many times I say chunks and Jelly. Sorry I’m not a better commentator. :(

Kindest regards
Sent from my iPhone

I think i hit the nail on the head with this one as it clearly showed the issue with the paint. I have since taken a drill to this paint pot to try and mix it really fast but have had no joy restoring it to anything except brown sludge. I sent an follow-up email as my set of Technical Paints had one which was “Dry” but worked as I expected.
Ah, I’ve just found the perfect example.I have some Aruba Rust which is also a dry compound and this is fine.It’s gloopy but still fluid, it doesn’t break apart like the other Dry compounds.

Sent from my iPhone

This definitely told me I wasn’t mental

Hi Ross 

Thanks for the emails and for the video (personally I love the use of the words chunks and jelly!)


In all honesty your gold and silver look exactly the same as all of the dry paints I have used (although maybe there is a wider problem at work here) I am more than happy to get a whole new set sent out to you, of all the paints that are like this, and fingers crossed you will get the consistency of the Aruba (Ryza perhaps?) Rust that you photographed in the most recent email.

If this still doesn’t help, if you want to switch the paints for other colours etc then I will be happy to sort that out for you.

I realize that you have gone to a fair amount of trouble to sort all of this out for us, and been a super good sport about all this, so I wanted to say thank you for being so patient with us while we grilled you about your paints.

All we need now is your postal address and I will get the pots out to you.Kind regards

Wow, I was not expecting this. At most i was expecting a (sent them back or we’ll inspect them). They still aren’t convinced that my paints are 100% faulty (they are, especially now I have the new ones it’s clear.) but offered to replace the whole set!!! OK, I’ll take that!

Hi L,

Thanks, and I just want to say how amazing this while customer service back and forth has been. Years ago when I had an issue with some models I received I was basically ignored! I called and emailed and just had no response. But here you have even gone to the effort of sending photos back and you’ve had a good laugh with me!

The attitude of you and your company is why I keep buying “overpriced Games Workshop Products” as described by the Internet.

Please could you replace the paints and send new ones to;And yes it was Ryza Rust (bloody spellcheck)

Thanks again! So glad you could help!

Best Regards

Sent from my iPhone

And I even got a fun response ,to confirm that the paints had been dispatched!

Hi Ross

No worries at all.

Your replacement order has been sorted out for you now on order o737599291, which will hopefully be arriving with you before the end of the week.

I hope that these help, and we really appreciate your continued support of our ‘hideously expensive lumps of plastic’*

Happy hobbying

Kind regards


*Source – ‘The internet’ circa 2000 – Present

Today I received my paints and then some! Not only had they replaced the ones in the Ultimate Set, they even gave me all of the addition Dry paints that are available! And then I also got a Free Palette Pad and a new Water Mug in my Favourite Colour! (How did she know this!)

I got all this stuff! (except the Peperami)

I couldn’t help myself but send a huge reply and write this blog post, just to say “thank you so much”, I cannot believe how much the customer service has changed at GW,

Hi Lydia,

“I love you!”

Not in a “let’s get married and run away together” kind of way, but in a “you are the best I have ever spoken to”  kind of way. Trust me this is the better way, although a future together would be a great story to tell, alas I am already married and I couldn’t leave my kids for you. I hope you understand.

Not only did you replace my faulty paints, (which I am happy to report was not in vain as these are clearly a different consistency from what I previously had). You have added a bunch of others that I did not even know existed (I have a question on that in a mo). And sent me a replacement paint pad and water mug. I assume you saw from my photos that my current ones are getting tired, but how did you know Leadbelcher was my favourite colour? Also, if you were in the mood to replace items that look old and worn in my photo, I am a little disappointed that you did not replace my table, paintbrushes, space marines that have got paint all over them. or the half eaten peperami. (Perhaps the peperami wasn’t there in the photos, it’s there now, hang on. I’ll be back in a mo need to bin that before the wife sees it.)

Right where was I?

Ah yes, despite your obvious failure to resolve these issues. I would like to pass on my gratitude. Please forward this email to you manager and advise that I had literally sworn off games workshop products and vowed never to shop there again! But thanks to you renewing my faith in your products and company I have just placed an order for over £10,000 which should get me 2 boxes of Space Marines and a Copy of Age of Sigmar (which I still don’t own because my wife believes the kids having Shoes is more important than overpriced lumps of plastic! My kids are 6 months old and 1.5 years, I didn’t own shoes til I was 9.) anyway. The point about the order being £10,000 is a lie, but don’t tell your manager that bit. But I have recently subscribed to White Dwarf monthly (after 10 years) and will be there on Friday when your doors open to get the September issue along with a few other bits.

Questions. This is where your decision to include some extra Dry Paints will actually score you getting more money from me.

Q1, so, when I bought the ultimate paint set, I “assumed” I got one of every paint of every type and including the Technicals. And I know that literally 2 weeks later, Age of

Sigmar Launched with the new paints and we now have the Glazes and Airbrush paints I have bought separately since (because I “gotta paint ’em all”. Sorry, wrong game). But I had no idea that these 16 extra “Dry” paints even existed. Some are dry versions of existing colours, but there are some totally original ones (these ones all seem to have white text, and the old Ones are all black text, is there a reason?) Can you advise what I am missing from this Ultimate paint set? Are there other paints I am missing? Massive thanks for the extras by the way!

Q2, is there an expected use by date for paints? I don’t see anything on the bottles and I know that once they’re opened, build up of the paint and seals wearing as I open and close them will cause them to eventually dry out. But for paints I never used., Should they ever dry-out to the point of unusable? I only ask because I bought this set shortly after my daughter was born knowing I need to get back into an at home hobby for the next few years as I will be at home a lot with the kids. And just want to know if I need to be aware of them all becoming dead and useless at some point. Basically should I plan my time better and crack on painting before I loose my chance to? I have a couple of paints from pre 1996 which are still fluid (but now rubbish compared to your new formula), but a couple I bought about 3-4 years ago which are completely dry.

PS. Tell your manager that you are awesome! (This statement is based on a true story. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)

“For the Horde!” (Or is that from Warcraft? I forget who ripped-off who)

Kindest Regards and Ultimate Thanks!

Sent from my iPhone

So, I know a lot of people do have issues with Games Workshop’s pricing, (I do to a degree, and don’t get me started on the cost of 5 Liberators) but at least they are backing themselves up with excellent Customer Service. which for a company charging a premium, they are clearly offering premium care.


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Self-appointed Editor in chief of - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction.

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