Games Workshop Paint Price Increase 2019

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So, there I am minding my own business and sharing details on the Top 10 brushes for miniature painters and Games Workshop go and drop this bomb.

Titled “A Quick heads-up” Games Workshop just announced that their paint prices are going up as of 04th February 2019.

Hiya folks,
In the spirit of openness, we’ve got a quick bit of news for you today: as of the 4th of February this year, the price of paints and some of the Start Collecting! sets will change.
Paint pots will have a small increase of 20 pence per pot (or local currency equivalent). The paint sets, though, will have no change, making them an even better way to round out your painting arsenal.
The Start Collecting! sets are going up a little too, but you’ll still save at least 20% over buying the contents individually and in some cases more like 40%!
Happy painting,

The Warhammer Community Team

Going up by 20 pence per pot equates to the following

  • £0.20 GBP
  • €0.22 EUR
  • $0.25 USD
  • $0.36 AUD
  • $0.34 CAD
  • ¥27.63 JPY
  • $1.99 HKD
  • 0.25 CHF

Essentially an 8% increase on the current price. I suppose it’s not too bad at the single pot level but adding this increase to the (currently unavailable)£440 Ultimate Paint Set will now be £475

At least the gave us a heads-up, and I respect what the community team are doing by announcing this ahead of time.

What does this mean to you? Stock up fast or switch to another brand?

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