PSA: Don’t Hoard Models!

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I do this all the time, get into something, buy a few bits. then buy a ton of bits to see me through for a year or so. Now I have so much stuff I don’t know where to start and have been uninspired for over a month!

Above is a picture of my display cabinet, its full of unfinished work!

This is my shelf of mainly finished models (most from nearly 20 years ago), as you will see on close up inspection though, many are not finalised

Even on my next shelf, the closest to being done are the 2 Stormcast I posted about earlier and the Dark Angles on the Spinning Stand, But the Dark Angels haven’t done the bases, and even on the Stormcast where the bases are done, the little weed on the rock was never highlighted.

So, Suffice to say. I don’t finish things. below are my Dark vengeance Cultists and my Space Hulk Models (left have had mould lines removed, right have not yet).

So why the hell did I buy all this!

Space Hulk (above)
Age of Sigmar
Lost Patrol
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Start Collecting Space Wolves
Space Wolves Battleforce
Stormcast Battleforce

I now have so much stuff, Starting seems like more of a chore than it’s worth. I’m so uninspired to do anything now. why start some wolves when I have so many to do. Why start my Stormcast there are just too many. I have Space Hulk to finish. Christ, I still have Dark vengeance to finish, and all the while I just want to try out new techniques.

So don’t hoard your stuff. get the few things you want to paint, finish them then move on. If you do horde, how do you get over such a slump!

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