Boarding Patrol: Orks Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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It was always simply going to be a matter of time before some green-skinned troublemakers muscled in on the Boarding Patrol action, wasn’t it? Well, with the new Ork Boarding Patrol comes with enough dakka to level a planet – and some pretty sweet models too. Check out our Boarding Patrol: Orks Price, Value and Savings Breakdown below and get ready to bring some Waaagh! to the far future.

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Boarding Patrol: Orks – Release Date

GW have announced this week’s Sunday preview, which means the Release date for Boarding Patrol: Orks is April 1st 2023.

Pre-orders will go live at 10am en March 25th 2022. Hit that refresh button with all the dakka you can muster on the day to secure your copy in good time – no doubt, this will be a popular box.

Boarding Patrol: Orks – Price

Here’s the price of the box.

GBPDólar estadounidenseCANALLAEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Orks£ 85.00$140.00*$170.00*€110.00*$220.00*
* Residencia en Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Mechanicus (same UK price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Orks – Price, Value & Savings Summary

Here’s an overview of everything in the Boarding Patrol: Orks set:

GBPDólar estadounidenseCANALLAEURAUD
Valor total£137.50*$225.00*$275.00*€182.50*$336.00*
Boarding Patrol: Orks Price£ 85.00$140.00**$170.00**€110.00**$220.00**
Ahorros totales£ 52.50$85.00$105.00€72.50$116.00
Porcentaje ahorrado38%38%38%40%35%
*Snikrot’s price estimated from Warboss in Mega Armour

** Residencia en Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Mechanicus (same UK price)

I mean, these are some sweet savings – especially considering there’s a brand-new model packed in with the bunch. We were massive fans of the Ork Kommandos kit when it first premiered back in 2021 as part of the Equipo asesino de Warhammer 40,000: Octarius box, and the Beast Snaggas look fabulous. Whilst the Flash Gitz may look a bit aged compared to the releases of the past two years, the sheer Orkishness of these mad models will keep fans grinning.

Boarding Patrol: Orks – Contents

I think it’s fair to say that this is quite a versatile list. Here is what’s included;

  • Jefe Snikrot
  • 10x Beast Snagga Boyz
  • 11x Kommandos
  • 5x Flash Gitz

I’m no expert on Orks, but to me, this looks like great for starting a horde – even better when locked within the cramped confines of a Space Hulk. The Kommandos are a fantastic addition returning from Kill Team – meaning they bring all their weird and highly customisable abilities with them.

Notably almost everything here is a new or recent sculpt – save for the Flash Gitz, who will be showing their age when put next to the rest of the box. That likely won’t bother Ork players – after all, they’re all ugly beautiful in their own way.

Now, what will draw eyes to this box is the inclusion of new model Boss Snikrot – available here for the first time. It’s a much needed update of the classic Jefe Snikrot, who was retired some time ago. He retains his iconic goggles and Mork’s Teeth, except all a bit up-scaled and great new details such as a smoke bomb going off at his feet, no doubt about to demonstrate his Way of Ninja. They don’t call him Da Green Ghost for nothing!

Boarding Patrol: Orks – Value

The savings available in this box are great.

GBPDólar estadounidenseCANALLAEURAUD
Jefe Snikrot£ 25.00 *$40.00*$50.00*32,50 € *$63.00*
Beast Snagga Boyz£ 35.00$60.00$70.0045,00 €$91.00
Kommandos40,00 £$65.00$80.0055,00 €$105.00
Flash Gitz£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$77.00
Valor total£ 137.50$225.00$275.00€182.50$336.00
*Estimate based off Warboss in Mega Armour

We don’t expect Snikrot to cost too much cash – he’s only a single miniature after all – but even if it turns out that we’re a little optimistic in our estimate, the price isn’t going to increase hugely.

You’ll be hard-pressed not to spend your leftover cash on even more dakka when picking up this box.

Boarding Patrol: Orks – Points

As we’ve seen with all the Boarding Patrols thus far, the overall points value for these miniatures clocks in around the 400-500 point bracket. There are, of course, plenty of ways to upgrade and individualise your loadout for when these minis hit the tabletop that will push them closer towards (and perhaps even beyond) the top end of this bracket.

Jefe Snikrot95pts*
– Boss Nob
– Shokka pistol
– Big shoota
– Burna
– Kustom shoota
– Rokkit launcha
– Big choppa
– Breacha ram
– Power klaw
– Bomb Squig
– Distraction Grot
Beast Snagga Boyz
– Beast Snagga Nob
– Thump gun
Flash Gitz
– Kaptin
– Gitfinda Squig
– Ammo Runt
Raw Total Value405pts
*reflects current datasheet – however, likely to change when released

I’m not well versed in the ways of Waaaagh!, but what I see from this box is a lot of potential for a strong boarding force. The Kommandos are what my draw my attention first, and their myriad of weapon options will keep you busy if you need to pad out some points. The Breacha Ram will come in handy the most in this particular setting – with every attack made, the target cannot receive the benefits of cover. And in Boarding Actions, there is terrain everywhere – so be worried when the walls start speaking Orkish, and expect a good bonking on the head, even if you’re hiding behind 5 layers of scatter terrain.

What makes Kommandos an inspired choice for a Boarding Patrol is their Kunnin’ Infiltrados ability, allowing them to deploy anywhere on the board, as long as it is more than 9″ away from enemy models and deployment zone. This will give you the advantage right away – you can plop your Kommandos on unclaimed objectives out of both your and your opponent’s reach. Either that, or surprise them with the gift of Throat Slittas – meaning if you are within an inch of a terrain feature (so hug those walls tightly), add 1 to wound rolls. If you prefer to stand in the middle of a crowded corridor, you can have your Distraction Grot come out for once per battle and the Kommandos are treated as if they are within an inch of terrain, allowing you to capitalise on their unique abilities no matter where they are placed on the board.

But it’s not the Kommandos that are turning heads to this box – it’s the new Snikrot model. Being the King of the Sneaky Gitz, he also gets some of the same abilities as his Kommandos, like Kunnin’ Infiltrados, Throat Slittas y Sneakiest Git – where he gets an additional 2 to his armour saving throws when in cover. Being a warlord, he also gets some buffs and auras he can give to others within range, netting them extra attacks, or in the case of his attackers, a good old scare – subtracting two from their leadership characteristic. However, these thoughts only reflect his current datasheet – with the release of Boarding Patrol: Orks, it would not be unreasonable to expect some tweaks (and probably buffs) to his stats and abilities. Who knows though – only time will tell (in a fortnight’s time). But I’m sure it will please Gork and Mork.

Were I to field the contents of this box, I would add an extra unit of 10 Boyz for chaff – to overwhelm the opponent by either charging and chopping them up, or squatting on objectives while Snikrot and his bois Kommandos sneak through the map like crafty grots and picking the enemy off one by one. Pairing Snikrot with Kommandos is a genius move in my view, truly optimising the Boarding Actions experience by making use of the close quarters board and ability to deploy wherever you’d like (within reason) to score some points early on. Well, you can do that or just drop them in the middle to cause some carnage, because Waaagh.

And to finish off, this is a strong offering for a Boarding Patrol force. The savings are swell enough to make a Greenskin blush, you get units that specialise with this particular game mode and the return of an old favourite, with new bells and whistles and all. We expect this box to be very popular as well, with it being the first (and only) chance right now to get your hands on the exclusive Boss Snikrot model, so be ready to Da Jump ahead of the queues this Saturday at 10am to avoid disappointment.

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    Great article as always mate!! Keen to see more YouTube content. 10th is gonna be a big one!

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      Hi Bob! Thanks for your comment – we really appreciate it! Jordan has worked extremely hard to get all six of the Price and Savings Breakdowns for the next wave of Boarding Patrols done this week, so I’ll be sure to pass your feedback on to him!

      And 10th is gonna be killer!


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