GW Stock Tanks following Discourse Miniatures Latest Video.

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Update 02/04/23 – I’ve had to update this because this “obvious” April Fools post, was not so obvious to some. Arguably, the “some” mostly refers to people who saw the thumbnail and immediately reacted”. So in order to stop upsetting people who haven’t read much past the opening statement – here’s an updated first paragraph to make it clear, “THIS IS A JOKE POST”. If you are still upset, but only read the headline. Sorry, that’s on you, I can only show you the door…

You all know Discourse Minis right? The YouTube channel that has nothing nice to say about GW, ever! Well, your potentially favourite hobby is officially Ruined after the latest video from Discourse Miniatures. The latest opinion piece has shocked so many, that people are flocking away from our community at a record pace.

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You know things are serious when we use an exclamation point and a question mark in the subheading!?

Discourse Miniatures is known for covering controversial topics without an ounce of shyness.

Covering topics like the Legal battle between GW and Cults 3D and using Thumbnails suggesting Warhammer wants new players to Fat Hashtag-K off. You may be shocked to hear that someone’s opinion and coverage of a topic online has enough clout to topple a multi-national company.

But just look at this graph below!

The Peak of this line represents sales on Monday, March 27th, 90% of which are Dark Angels Master Lazarus following this year’s only Golden Demon competition.

This image comes directly from shutter stock, one of the top websites online for images of the latest stocks, and we heard from a reliable source that this is the current sale price for Taller de juegos on the Nasdaq! Don’t worry if you don’t know what the Nasdaq is, nobody really understands stocks and shares anyway. But we do know that the more a company makes, the higher the line climbs and the more a stock is worth. So if you want to buy stocks, you pay more for them when the line is high.

Currently, the line is below 0, so this means that current stockholders will pay others to take shares from them.

It sounds insane, but this is what stockholders do, they trade all day they buy low and sell high, so with the stock now being at a negative value, it’s a buyer’s market!

This is especially bad given the time of year.

As we all know, April is the end of the tax year, so all companies in the world want their stock to be as high as possible on the first of April each year, specifically before 12:00 noon! And everything was going so well. With the announcement of Warhammer 10th edition just this last weekend. A new Space Hulk game is finally on the way and the upcoming announcement of the Horuus Heresy Partworks magazine from Hachette. It was a time to be alive in the hashtag Warhammer community.

It’s also worth noting that since we have not used a picture for a few paragraphs, we need to say something here to reference one. Sales were on the up this week in GW land as buyers flocked to purchase the brand-new Dark Angels Chapter master model Lazarus, which was released only a few weeks ago and was the model which one lucky hobbyist was able to paint up in just a couple of weeks, enter it in the 2023 Golden Demon world cup, and win a gold in the Slayers Sword category!

you may have seen this model from the popular meme which is #Trending up on Twitter right now.

Warhammer 40,0000 version 10.0 (Warhammer is going Digital)

So anyway, what did Discourse Miniatures do that had people running for the hills!?

Well, first you need to understand what the 10th edition of Warhammer is. and why it’s such a big deal?

Much like Mac OSX and Windows 10. Warhammer 10th edition will be the Final version of Warhammer 40,000 Taller de juegos ever makes. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. But with this new edition, all updates to the 10th edition will be in bi-annual service packs, with Warhammer 40,000 version 10.1 Due in December of 2023. Taller de juegos has already announced will be providing all of the codexes for free in digital form, so no more needing to carry paper tomes around with you for a game.

Using the new #Warhammer app (yes it’s called Hashtag Warhammer), any model or unit purchase you make from a retail Taller de juegos store will come in the provision of a Non Fundable Token (NFT), which you can redeem in your #Warhammer account. This will then unlock that unit for play in your army. For a limited time before the release of 10th ed, you will be able to take your existing force of models to a local Taller de juegos store, and they will redeem the models into your account.

This will not include models released during the 1st-3rd edition due to issues with backwards compatibility, or models that Taller de juegos plan to re-release with new sculpts in the next 12-24 months. The programme is also not usable at Taller de juegos branded stores.

But having a digital record of your army is finally a useful use of NFT’. We’ve all been waiting for the day when NFT’s make sense to us and have value. and now, genuine Warhammer Buyers no longer need to worry they are playing against scalpers, recast purchasers, 3d Printers or poor people.

It’s worth noting that all models scanned into your account will be tagged with a bioluminescent RFID paint (invisible to the human eye) to prevent people, multiple people, from redeeming the same models. Also, this programme is not available at 3rd party stores. GW are charging more than your FLGS so only they can afford to do this. You can likely take your third-party store purchase to a Warhammer store and upgrade to the digital edition for as little as £5 per boxed set, which often means it’s still cheaper to buy from your FLGS and upgrade.

Fed up of all that paper waste? look out for their new marketing campaign “Go Green – Play Warhammer”. I bet it has Orks in it.

Miniature Discourse’s latest video

Now that you have a solid understanding of what is coming with the new edition. Why does One Youtuber have such a problem with it?

See below!! But I warn you, this is beyond anything Discourse has said before! It Start’s off really positively…

… and it ends positively too.

Did any of you get this far? Surely not. You know what date it is right? I want to say thanks to Discourse for letting us use this article title and thumbnail and for being so tongue-in-cheek about the content.

The fact is that there are tons of videos out there from different videos and different opinions. Love or hate whoever you want, maybe try not to hate if you can help it. Maybe just stop at being irritated and be adult enough to walk away. But I like Discourse, someone unafraid to cover many of the grittier parts of the hobby industry, though despite being more widely known for the harder-hitting topics (of course that’s the way, nobody’s clicking on “Taller de juegos is ok in my book” thumbnails are they), this is not someone who simply spends every second of their videos poo=pooing on GW because that’s the popular thing. We had Arch for that and we all know how that turned out…

And in saying that I may be unpopular with his 250k YouTube subs, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. because like the rest of this article.


not my best, but I’m a dad now, they haven’t been good in a while.

Haga clic en este enlace y compre sus cosas de hobby en Element Games para el Reino Unido y Europa para admitir - Use el código "FAUX2768"En la caja para obtener puntos de recompensa doble.

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