How To Fix Facebook – Once and for all

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Many of us have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, As much as we abhor their policies it’s become almost a necessity in modern life, whether that’s as a distraction, a life diary or a way to keep up with your correspondence, you keep it around even though it annoys the hell outa you a lot of the time.

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The annoyance for me is being surrounded by negativity to the point that what I see on Facebook has now crossed the line into the land of the gruesome. In the words of Sweet Brown – Ain’ nobody got time fo’ dat.

I’ve tried reporting some of this stuff to Facebook but apparently, they’re OK with pictures of women with (fake) larvae coming out of their tit or a Lion being shot several times for attacking a man in its cage! After watching a close friend of mine posting wonderful moments daily doing the 100 Happy Days challenge, I’ve realized that I want more of this stuff in my life. So what do I do about people who post thing’s I don’t want to see.

The only suggestion from Facebook is to un-friend the sharaer. I think that;s a bit heavy handed, I don’t want to stop being in touch with this person because they shared one video which I don’t like the taste of. But I do agree my Facebook feed has become a mess of crap I really don’t care about. And that’s down to my tastes, not the people who like sharing this stuff. You may whinge that some people share every little moment like what they had for breakfast, and although you may not care, perhaps they have close family members who love watching even the most mundane parts of someones life.

So now that I understand that the world doesn’t revolve around me in regard to what other people put on Facebook. what can I do to get this into control. Quite A lot, and you can too.

Facebook is actually quite easy to improve, for this you will need access to the computer version as you cant do it on the mobile version.

Before we start, I’ll just point out that we will be using “lists”, so it will be wort understanding the following 2 default options. (you can make custom lists, say, coworkers at a specific job so you can follow them as a group if you wish)


Close Friends – People in this list will always have their status updates shown in your news feed, if you are using the mobile version of Facebook, you will also get push notifications of any update from them.

Acquaintances – If you know the definition of the word then you know what this group means. It’s people you know. But haven’t really defined a relationship. For Facebook purposes, it’s people who are in your friends list but you don’t see their updates in your news feed. If you go to them directly though you can see all their posts. You can tag them, they can see you, and interact with your Facebook content, posts, pic etc (dependent on your own privacy settings).

So now you know that what you really want to do with your friends is put the people you don’t want updates from in the acquaintances list, people you do want to follow in no lists (or a custom list if you want). and people you don’t want to miss an update from in your Close Friends List

How do do it

Step 1

(we can probably do step 1 and 2 in 1 go, but i separated it so I could be clearer with my selections)

On The main Facebook News Feed Page, look down the left column, You will see a heading “Friends”, as you over over it you should see the word “more” appear just to the right of it. Click it.

You will see a list of your groups in here, you will have the 2 we discussed along with several others that Facebook has automatically created based on where you have previously worked, went to school with, your family and others.

Click “Acquaintances”

If there is anyone on this list, you will see their updates, on the right you should see “ON THIS LIST” and the number of people on the list. To the right of this yo can see “See All”, click that.

You now see everyone on this list , but you want to see “everyone”, You will see a drop-down box at the top left of this new window, click on that and select “Friends”.

You can now see everyone, this takes a little bit of time, but you will literally need to select everyone. Trust me, this is the fastest way to add everyone to a group.

Once this is done, you will see that the only updates on your news feed are your posts or where you have been mentioned.

Step 2

Now you have a tidy news feed, perhaps a bit too tidy, but at least we have a nice base to work from.   One way to now sort this is to search for the friend who’s updates you want to see. on that friend’s page you will see a drop down with “Friends” on it, click that and then click Acquaintances to remove them from that group.   You will now see their status updates in your news feed again.   Another way is to just go back to the “ON THIS LIST” list you were at in step 1 and remove people from the acquaintances list by un-ticking them. (as I said above you can do step 1 and 2 together, but it’s nice to do it separately so you can start with a clean base).  

Step 3

  Close friends – Personally, I don’t bother with close friends as I don’t want my phone kicking off every time there is an update. But if you go back to the main page and click the friends heading you will be back at the page showing the different lists. click on Close Freinds   As before just click on “See All” next to “ON THIS LIST”, use the drop down to show all friends and select the people you want.   You can also do this individually but clicking on a “Friends” drop-down and choosing the “close friends” option.    

And that”s it, a tidy news feed again, yay! Now just remember which group to add people to when you make a new friend. Me, I do’t make new friends so it’s pretty solid now. :D

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