Final Fantasy VII – First Trailer Analysis

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Final Fantasy VII Remake
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A few months ago Sony dropped a massive bomb at their 2015 E3 Press Conference,  and here we are with an early Xmas Gift, the first trailer for the FFVII Remake.

And here’s a brief Analysis of what we’ve seen, and what I’ve taken from away from some of the more minor details.

First of all, here’s the trailer in its 1080p (although 30fps, which i hope is not indicative of the final product) Glory.

What did you think?   Personally, I’m a huge fan, but I’m remaining cautiously pessimistic at this stage. If I get my hopes up for this too much I/we could be sorely disappointed.   In my previous post I listed several hopes for the remake, and it’s looking (I say through gritted teeth) like it’s gonna be really good.  


In Game

Spot on, there appear to be in game cutscenes, which I suppose will be used for interesting moments and help drive along the story in a much more cinematic way than it did before.  


In addition, Full Motion Videos are clearly making a return, which operated as fantastic visual rewards in the original. Although this time the’ve clearly upgraded from even Advent Children.  



Can’t really add images to showcase this, but it was nice to hear the Bombing Mission tune throughout the whole railer, in fact this sounds “exactly” like the track from Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks, so I imagine this may not be final In-game audio, but it’s enough to note that they aren’t straying far at all from the source material.  

Voice Acting

Lots of hit’s, one miss. I don’t know who the voice actors are or if it’s even been confirmed yet, But Cloud and Barrett sound like they did in Advent Children, may be the same Actors, but if not. it sound’s close enough. Even Biggs and Jessie seem to fit the more serious tone of the remake. Then Wedge has to speak, and he sound’s like a man is trying to impersonate their grand mother.  

  The only other gripe would be that it appears to be dubbed, as the speech does not match the movements of characters mouths. I wouldn’t really have much of an issue if this is representative of the final product. It is a Japanese game after all, i would like to see them do proper facial animations to match the English voices, but this is should literarily be the last thing on the to do list other than bug fixes.  

The World

As i’d hoped, thinks are far more to scale than they were in the original. Instead of a Chibi-Cloud running round pre-rendered backdrops that are only indicative of the actual locations. We now see Cloud running through a city and squeezing through cracks in walls. Can’t wait to see what the world map environments look like though.


As noted above the travelling system is much more realistic, It does make me ask how the hell are they going to do “all” the environments which are in the actual game, there are so many. Midgar alone muse be comparable to a game like Bloodborne. That is to say if they were going to do the whole thing, in the original their were set locations you could visit and this was mostly the in the slums, we very briefly had any time on the plates. I do hope thy open Midgar up more but completely understand that the full city won’t be in the game.  


We see 2 enemy intro’s in the trailer;   First, from the part where cloud jumps onto the train after the first bombing mission. I’m strongly assuming the below scene is from this part of the original game die to the way cloud is surrounded, battles the guards and leaps onto the train  

  Second we see Guar Scorpion jump from the rafters above the sector 1 reactor, just after you set the bomb.  

  Both of these scenes were in the original, with much less flair and poorer graphics, but i’m taking it to suggest that random invisible encounters are off the table. I doubt all enemies will get such a flashy intro, but I can see enemies jumping from behind smartly placed objects in the world or an expansive area being impassable without coming across a few enemies, Much like the FFXV demo.    


Awwww no, they’re real time, not turn-based, or are they?  

  The speed and flashy lights distracted me the first few times too, but when pausing the video to ask the questions I was looking for the answers too, I noticed the original attack menu in it’s rightful place in the bottom left corner and the HP/MP and Limit gauges in the bottom right. All that’s mising really is the ATB gauge which perhaps suggests this is not Turn based, but the menus suggest that selectable attacks are part of the system.  

  Is it a half and half system? Something where attacking is dynamic but stronger attacks are on a timer?I it optional so players can pause the action to queue up attacks?  

    Also notable is the fact that we can clearly see Barrett as the focal battle character in some scenes, this to me suggests that the whole party is once again playable. But again, is this turn based or does it allow players to dynamically switch?    


Oh dear, Looks like they’ve decided to keep the same guys who did the original to translate from Japanese to English!  

    Thee most exciting thing is that this whole trailer is taken from scenes in the first hour of the original game, so there’s plenty still to come.   Final Fintasy VII Remake  Release Date is not scheduled but I expect it to release on or before December 31st 2199                        

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